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Yen Dee Genset

Direct Expansion

Starting price: 91800 THB

5,000 & 7,000 Btu/hr

Quiet and eco-friendly
Easy installation
Low maintenance

Genset Package
Not enough POWER? Don't you want to cool the cabin or room fast? Don't you want to relax in a peaceful environment?
Now, with the help from SCS Marine, Yen Dee Series are air-conditioning set which does not need to be plugged to the marine power supply or turned off from your boat.
We developed a control box which allows a low restarting load coupling with an electronic soft-start and controlled by PLC to reduce fuel consumption, noises and emissions.

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Model Price Cooling Capacity Voltage FLA Input Refrigerant Width Depth Height
CS-05-GS2 91800 THB 5,000 230/1/50 3.42 676/3.42 R134a 530 300 320
CS-07-GS2 121400 THB 7,000 230/1/50 3.7 720/3.30 R407c 520 300 320

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