About SCS Marine

Marine Air Conditionning

& Refrigeration Manufacturer

Founded in Phuket (Thailand) in 1998, we work with many companies on projects that are always rewarding for us.
From a sketch to a tailor-made product, our products are entirely manufactured in our factory.

Our expertise offers our customers quality work, installation by a high-performance team and monitoring to ensure the proper functioning of our products.

Our customers

Lady Azul, Lamina, Shamoun, Amatasia,
Be Mine, Pangea, Lattitude, Red Dragon, ...

Discover our work
  • Lady Azul Yacht

  • Lamina Sailing Yacht

  • Shamoun Yacht

  • Amatasia Yacht

Do you need a personalized work?

Contact us and we will study your needs.

From the plans to the final design, our products are homemade in our factory.

Our goal is to ensure quality work adapted to the needs of our customers.