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Sabai Dee Split

Direct Expansion

Starting price: 31400 THB

5,000 to 24,000 Btu/hr

Separated abs electrical control box
High quality copper-nickel condenser
Rotatable blower assembly
Housings, fittings and trays all in stainless steel
heating option: 4-ways reversing valves electric heater
***All in one***

Compact Split Air-Conditioning System
This makes it easier to cool a large room by using two indoor cooling units to maintain the cool temperature throughout with less space needed.
High efficiency Mitsubishi Rotary compressor combined with our Universal Marine HVAC controller. The R407c refrigerant, an eco-friendly gas, these systems are more efficient than ever.
All assembly materials are in stainless steel with epoxy coating.

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Model Price Cooling Capacity Voltage Width Depth Height Supply Duct Diameter Refrigerant Connections
CSS-05-E-FC 31400 THB 5,000 230/1/50 350 260 210 2.5"/4" 1/4"X3/8"
CSS-07-E-FC 33850 THB 7,000 230/1/50 350 305 210 4" 1/2"X3/8"
CSS-10-E-FC 35300 THB 10,000 230/1/50 350 305 245 4" 1/2"X3/8"
CSS-12-E-FC 36300 THB 12,000 230/1/50 350 370 250 4" 1/2"X3/8"
CSS-16-E-FC 39300 THB 16,000 230/1/50 350 370 270 5" 5/8"X3/8"
CSS-24-E-FC 75800 THB 24,000 230/1/50 450 415 300 6" 3/"X1/2"

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