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Laser (Marking, Cutting & Engraving)


Starting price: 1350 THB


***Estimation price***
Personal/Custom order
YAG Laser:
Allows us to do the cutting on stainless steel plates.
Co2 Laser:
This allows it to make cuts up to 20mm.

We will fulfill your wants & needs by:
- Studying your sketches and design according to your drawing.
- Identify the prototype.
- Manufacture the final results by marking, cutting, folding and printing.
*Packaging is an option*

Red 4mm 1,350฿
Clear 6mm 1,800฿
White 6mm 1,980฿
Clear 10mm 3,700฿

Black/White 24"x49" 4,150฿
Sky Blue/White 24"x49" 4,150฿

Sapphire/White 24"x49" 3,750฿
Br. Aluminum/Black 24"x49" 3,750฿
Crimson/White 24"x49" 3,750฿

Order your product:

Model Price
ACRYLIC- Red 4mm 1350 THB
ACRYLIC- Clear 6mm 1800 THB
ACRYLIC- White 6mm 1980 THB
ACRYLIC- Clear 10mm 3700 THB
LASERMAX-Black/white 4150 THB
LASERMAX-Shy Blue/White 4150 THB
LASERMARK-Sapphire/White 3750 THB
LASERMARK-Br.Aluminum/Black 3750 THB
LASERMARK-Crimson/White 3750 THB

Do you need a personalized work?

Contact us and we will study your needs.

From the plans to the final design, our products are homemade in our factory.

Our goal is to ensure quality work adapted to the needs of our customers.