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Fan Blower


Starting price: 11980 THB


Strong motor with little sound from the turbine making fresh air

Black blower -> Powder coat to white -> Insulation sheet -> Aluminum sheet

Mode1-5 ECOFIT
Model 6&7 ECOFIT + DC
Model 8 EBM + DC

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Model Price Cooling Capacity Voltage Air Flow
2GREA3 108x52R E37-A0 11980 THB 5 - 24K 230/1/50-60 185/180m3/H
4GRE25 160x62R N05-62 12600 THB 7-10K 230/1/50-60 420/470m3/H
4GRE25 180x75R Y41-04 13350 THB 12K 230/1/50-60 550/550m3/H
4GRE35 180x75R Y41-08 14500 THB 16K 230/1/50-60 600//590m3/H
4GRE45 200x75R L21-A4 15700 THB 18-24K 230/1/50-60 765/720m3/H
GREG9 160X62R L02-A1 19150 THB - 230/1/50-60 640m3/H
GREG9 146X188R L02-A3-1 21870 THB - 230/1/50-60 1230m3/H
G3G160-AC50-01 M3G074-CF 34680 THB - 230/1/50-60 -

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