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Pressure Tank


Starting price: 1660 THB


All connections are stainless steel unless stated otherwise.

Tank perchance: 1.9bar/ 28psi
Maximum working pressure: 10bar/ 150psi
Maximum working temperature: 90°C/ 194°F

Order your product:

Model Price Width Height Water Flow
GW-PWB2LX 1660 THB 126 209 2 liters/0.5 gal
GW-PWB8LX 2550 THB 202 316 8 liters/2.1 gal
GW-PWB12LX 2880 THB 230 367 12 liters/3.2 gal
GW-PWB18LX 3260 THB 279 367 18 liters/4.8 gal
GW-PWB24LX 3980 THB 290 447 24 liters/6.3 gal

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