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Dee Mak Serie (Compact)

Chiller System

Starting price: 137700 THB

24,000 - 72,000 Btu/hr

Custom Made Optional
Scroll compressor standard
Capacity 24k to 72k Btu /hr. (2-8 tons)

***Water chiller Air-Conditioning system***
One of our most recommended product in SCS Marine; for larger yachts from 70ft up is Dee Mak units. Used for chilling the water circulated by the spaces to be cooled as a heat-transfer medium.
In winter, He reversed cycle heat pump warms the circulated water, providing efficient heating to the spaces.
Dee Mak units are installed in the engine compartment, and are associated to the air handling units (fan-coil type), located in the space to be air-conditioned.
Thanks to the water loop, there is no limits to the number of air handlers in a system, or on the distance from the chiller to the air handlers.
***Custom Made - Our Strength***
The fixed speed compressor in a standard air conditioner runs at 100% capacity and requires large amounts of energy when quickly accelerating to full speed.
Soft starters and variable frequency drives can both be used to reduce inrush currents and limit torque protecting your valuable equipment and extending the life of your motor by reducing motor heating caused by frequent starts and stops.
As a Custom Made maker, SCS Marine found out the best solution between HVAC need and interior boat design.
All the main components are from the best quality brand on the market such as highly efficient Copeland scroll compressors, Schneider Electric for the protection and soft starter.
Crozet for the Nano PLC and Toshiba for the frequency driver.
The flexibility of our system allows a combination of several compressor to increase the cooling capacity as much as you required.
SCS Marine custom made management system will monitor the whole chiller plant through a touch screen display interface.

Order your product:

Model Price Cooling Capacity Voltage FLA Input Refrigerant Width Depth Height
CWC 2-1-S-1 137700 THB 24,000 220/1/50 10.2 676/3.42 R407c 360 680 550
CWC 3-1-S-1 171180 THB 36,000 230-380/1-3/50 14.9/57 720/3.30 R407c 360 680 660
CWC 4-1-S-1 186600 THB 42,000 220/1/50 10.2 676/3.42 R407c 360 680 660
CWC 4-1-S3 198100 THB 48,000 380/3/50 9.1 930/4.30 R407c 360 680 660
CWC 6-1-S-3 210000 THB 72,000 380/3/50 10.9 1160/6.16 R407c 360 680 660

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