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Yen Dee Stand-Up

Direct Expansion

Starting price: 78500 THB

5,000 to 24,000 Btu/hr

Easy to install
Low maintenance
Fits in tight spaces
Heating option: 4-ways reversing valves electric heater
***All in one***

Compact Self-Contained Air-Conditioning System
Yen Dee units are specifically designed for a sailing or motor yacht. Its vertical shape dramatically reduced depth to fit in bulkhead or other convenient locations.
A single unit can cool one cabin or it can be ducted to two or more cabins to save space and cost.
High efficiency Mitsubishi Rotary compressor combined with SCS Universal Marine HVAC controller and the R407c refrigerant, an eco-friendly gas, these systems are more efficient than ever.
All assembly materials are in stainless steel with epoxy coating.

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Model Price Cooling Capacity Voltage FLA Input Refrigerant Width Depth Height
CSV-05-M 78500 THB 5,000 230/1/50 3.42 676/3.42 R134a 390 490 250
CSV-07-M 83300 THB 7,000 230/1/50 3.7 720/3.30 R407c 390 490 250
CSV-10-M 85800 THB 10,000 230/1/50 4.7 930/4.30 R407c 420 605 290
CSV-12-M 89400 THB 12,000 230/1/50 5.1 1160/6.16 R407c 420 680 260
CSV-16-M 100300 THB 16,000 230/1/50 6.2 1500/7.4 R407c 430 670 290
CSV24M 142600 THB 24,000 230/1/50 10.4 2190/7.4 R407c

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