SCS Marine Co., Ltd. is a marine air conditioning and refrigeration manufacturer established since 1999 in Phuket. We also are a supplier of components and equipment needed in all types of RHVAC systems.

SCS Marine also boasts an efficient sheet metal, refrigeration, and air conditioning equipment fabrication work shop. We also have a full service powder coating and industrial sandblasting facility. Last but not least, we provide high quality service in laser cutting services for metal & plastic materials.

Whether it is one small air conditioning unit, a complete refrigeration plant, a marine application or an air conditioning and ventilating system for a building complex, the entire design, building and servicing can be supplied by our sister-company Siam Cooling System. This is all done at the most cost-effective rates. We produce a flexible and affordable solution, whatever and wherever the need.

We carry an enormous range of components and spare parts, including international and domestic brand names.