Universal Marine HVAC Controller

Controller specially design for yacht air conditioner system:

  • Self-Contained Air Conditioning
  • Split-Gas Air Conditioning
  • Air Handlers

The display unit is designed to be installed in 2" x 4" flush mounted box and connected to the main controller by only 1 cable with 2 wire 0.5mm².
Main board controller size 160mm x 95mm x 50mm.


  • 2 or 3 air-conditioning operation modes (Fan, Cool or Fan, Cool, Heat)
  • 3 Fan Speed with auto speed (Auto, High, Medium, Low)
    • Fan speed controlled by 3 outputs for 3 tab speed motor
    • Fan speed controlled in % of full speed by PWM signal, programmable % of full speed for low/high speed (medium is average value)
    • Optional modules fan speed driver up to 2 throught PWM signal output, programmable % of full speed for low/high speed (medium is average value).
  • Temperature setting 15°C - 32°C (58°F - 92°F) - Display brightness can be dimmed
  • Wireless handset can be used with more additional features


  • System configured by DIP switches:
    • Water valve or Refrigerant system
    • Without or with heating operation
    • Hot water or Heat pump or Heater for heating operation
    • Degree Celsius or Fahrenheit display
  • Up to 5 air conditioner operating modes with many beneficial enhanced functions
  • Compressor & sea water pump start up delay protection (Refrigerant system)
  • Compressor & sea water pump minimum on time (Refrigerant system)
  • Reversing valve change protection (Refrigerant system)
  • Pre-cool / Post-cool function to prevent hot draft while water coil is not cold enough
  • Pre-heat / Post-heat function to prevent cold draft while water coil not enough
  • Heater life protection
  • Coil freeze protection (Refrigerant system)
  • Cooling failure alarm (Refrigerant system)
  • Heating failure alarm (Refrigerant system)
  • High / Low pressure protection (Refrigerant system)
  • Temperature sensor error alarm
  • System status display
Remote connectivity and interactive management